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New York City events shot by Editor and Correspondent Anthony Liversidge for Science GuardianTalk In New York, New Science ReviewNew Technology Review, TextGenie, RecommendNYC,  and AttendNYC For full info and instructions see below under all the images.

Note:  Apologies to viewers but a software "improvement" introduced by Smugmug the hosting site for this display removed the ability to order these 'galleries' by date so some are out of order until the ability to order is added back, and search should be used to find a specific event by date or title.   The menu system is also changed beyond immediate explanation so that is also  in need of fixing.    


Editor and Correspondent Anthony Liversidge, New York City photojournalist.

PHOTOBLOG: Talk In New York Review Photocalendar is a simple calendar photobank for print articles and longer posts on Science Guardian, Talk In New York, New Science Review, New Technology ReviewText GenieRecommendNYCand AttendNYC.  The aim is to take advantage of the much greater room available on the Web (in this case via the excellent professional but low cost hosting site SmugMug) to include all the photos and videos from an event ideally with an introductory text and captions which identify the people and explain the places and products displayed.

Photos + videos + text packages of events - social, publishing, art and travel, parties, openings, receptions, panels and conferences on science, politics, economics and culture - in New York City and travel destinations worldwide are listed in reverse timeline, most recent first.

PHOTOS are mostly from NYC (some from Europe or other travel destinations), ranging from events to street life to portraits. Mainly, event photos, many of which are backup photo displays for posts on Science Guardian (which mainly discuss misleading claims, unacknowledged errors and other issues and scandals in the science wars, with other science, medicine and technology stories of note) and Talk In New York (which appreciatively memorializes events and happenings in New York City both serious and comic, often both) and other stories for print and Web. There are often as many as 150 or more photos which didn't make the article on an event, but which complete the picture. Photos are usually best viewed at X2 Large, which renders a photographed page of text most readably, and photos of people the most engagingly. Click the Slidehow button top right to display photos filling the monitor screen one by one in a slow slide show, if you like, which you can hurry with clicks on the arrows left and right. But you will lose the captions, if any, sometimes quite lengthy.

TEXT: The text for each gallery consists of notes for an article, possibly even a draft, including the original notice or pr release, which will appear as a post or article elsewhere on another site or in print, for which two or three photos will be drawn from that collection which may total up to 100 shots or more. As a quick reference, if you explore the titles, the post/article text displays briefly when you run the cursor over the picture the site has chosen to go with the title of a gallery/story, an image selection which constantly changes arbitrarily and beyond human control.

VIDEOS: The ones with arrows in the middle are videos which give a glimpse of performances by speakers, singers, interviewees, etc.for those who missed the event. Click the arrow on a video, and it will run as long as 10 minutes. If you have an HD screen click the HD ON icon, and click the STRETCH icon you will find at the bottom your screen for truly cinematic display. This site is hosted on SmugMug who state that their powerful h264 algorithm is only effective on stills but the display of videos full screen seems excellent too. Most video is taken with the remarkable Panasonic Lumix FZ35, which achieves spectacular results even with its WVGA Motion JPEG which knows nothing of HD, all dating from 2008, no less. As you may see, this serves astonishingly well even when recording movies off a screen from the back of the room.

COMMENTS WELCOME At the bottom of each gallery, there's an "Add Comment" button, where visitors can leave comments about a photo, or about a gallery, or even thanks, including information which may be useful to viewers, and any corrections needed.

Photos published only as a journalistic record and for the enjoyment of parties present at the event and anyone else they direct here who should understand that a "good photo" in this case does not mean technically correct or portfolio presentable so much as natural and mostly candid shots which reveal admirable, beautiful and/or lovable personal, social and spiritual virtues and vulnerabilities of the kind which gain entry into Heaven or at least the hearts of their friends, who include the photographer whether he knows them personally or not. However, If there is any photo or video which is public but you would really prefer to be corrected, private or erased please email yours truly at anthony(the @ sign)talkinnewyork(dot)com or phone 212-876-8151 in NYC and we will change the setting immediately. If there is red eye or any other flaw such as name misspellings, please advise and it will be instantly corrected by our zealous staff of highly intelligent, competent,  and generously paid  interns.

All titles, information, arrangements and settings are work in progress. Suggestions welcome. Write anthony((the @ sign)) Copyright, except for photos and text provided by press officers of art institutions and similar sources, Anthony Liversidge 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,  2017,  2018